Intellectual Property Law – Peru

Result Legal is a legal office specializing in Intellectual Property Law in:

  • Trademark searching, renewals, rights.
  • Trade secret misappropriation.
  • Representation of trademarks and patents, copyright searching, registration, licensing and litigation.
  • Copyright: advertising, entertainment, media, marketing, videogames, fashion law and trade dress, design, antipiracy, software piracy,
  • IPR enforcement: piracy, unfair competition, industrial designs, patent and trademark application preparation and prosecution, patent, trademark and copyright license agreements.
  • Patent enforcement, patent litigation, patent license agreement and know how, utility models, know how, plant Breeder’s Rights, health registration for food, pharmaceutical and biological patent, genetically modified organism, contracts to access to genetic resources, pharmaceutical and cosmetic products, scientific creation.
  • Literary property, protection of personality, information technologies, digital environments, e-commerce and domain name protection, technical examination.
  • Offences against intellectual and industry property.
  • Conciliation and arbitration, processes INDECOPI.
  • Regulatory Law: cosmetic product and hygiene, industrial products, agricultural inputs and others.