Family, Criminal and International Lawyers in Peru

Family, Criminal and International Lawyers in Peru

Result Legal is a law firm specializing in Family and International Law as: prenuptial agreement, cohabitation, notarial divorce, divorce by mutual consent, contentious divorce (based on abandonment, adultery, incompatibility, bigamy, etc), property settlement, exequatur, child custody, support and visitations, parentage, paternity denial, children rights, domestic violence, inheritance, anticipated inheritance, intestate succession, endowment, renouncing inheritance, adoption by exception, child abduction and others.

In the same way, we are also working with Criminal Law in terms of: ordinary and serious crimes, extradition, illegal appropriation, international fraud, IP offenses, computer-related crime, financial crimes, etc.

Result Legal Lawyers give you personalised legal advice and online via Skype. Languages: Swedish and English.

We work with foreign clients that have connections with Peru due to legal cases. Most of our clients unfortunately can not travel to Peru in order to resolve a legal case that is of their interest, so it is for that reason that our clients give us the right to legally represent them in Peru.

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Legal advice online

For our clients abroad we offer legal advice online:

1.The client sends us an e-mail that specifies the case.
2.We inform you on the cost to the case and how the process is performed.
3.When the client decides to make use of our services, we then proceed to prepare a contract for the professional services.
4.In order to carry out the procedures in Peru, the client must make the payment in advance by: PayPal, Wester Union, Moneygram or bank account.
5.During the process we will inform you about your case through email.
6.Please be advised that to be represented it in Peru, you must establish a power of attorney.

Legal Result Lawyers, we are characterised for our earnestness, Lawyers since 1977. Offices in Peru and Germany.

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