Business Law

Result Legal is a legal office specializing in Business Law in:

  • Legal advice and support to investors from constitution of companies and during the development of their activities.
  • Representation of foreign companies as the constitution of subsidiaries and branches in Peru.
  • Legal advice to members, administrators, directors, managers.
  • Drafting and modifications of statutes.
  • Shareholders agreement.
  • Negotiation, conclusion and fulfillment of nominated contracts as sales agreements, donation, exchange, lease and others.
  • Negotiation, conclusion and fulfillment of non-nominated contracts as hosting- contracts.
  • Constitution of guarantees.
  • Restructuring, liquidation and dissolution of companies.
  • Civil liability and compensation for damage caused.
  • Statutory rate of associations and civil societies.
  • Analysis of development of contractual and corporate transactions.
  • Contracts with natural and legal persons.