Family, Criminal and International Lawyers in Peru

Family, Criminal and International Lawyers in Peru Result Legal is a law firm specializing in Family and International Law as: prenuptial agreement, cohabitation, notarial divorce, divorce by mutual consent, contentious divorce (based on abandonment, adultery, incompatibility, bigamy, etc), property settlement, exequatur, child custody, support and visitations, parentage, paternity denial, children rights, domestic violence, inheritance, anticipated […]

Peru Apostille

Peru Apostille  Legalized and apostilled  Legalizing a document is a necessary procedure for documents issued abroad. There are two procedures that exist: 1.- Legalization, applies to countries that are not part of the Hague Convention, requires certification in the Peruvian Consulate of the country of destination. What is an Apostille? 2.- The Apostille, certification employed […]

Child Custody in Peru

Child Custody in Peru Who can apply for child custody? When parents are separated or divorced in fact, custody of children or adolescents is determined by agreement between the parents and considering the acceptance of minor child. If parents do not agree to obtain the child custody, who resolves this issue? If there is no […]

Divorcio en el Perú

Divorcio en el Perú Preguntas más frecuentes de nuestros clientes sobre cómo divorciarse en el Perú ¿Puedo divorciarme si mi cónyuge no está de acuerdo? Sí, tratándose de un divorcio por causal, de acuerdo a las causales del art. 333 inc. 1-12 del Código Civil Peruano como son: El adulterio, la violencia física o psicológica, el […]

How to set a company in Peru Part 1

How to set a company in Peru? Part 1  To set up a company through a trading company in Peru, is required to follow some steps, which begin and end in the Public Records, more properly, the National Superintendency of Public Registries (SUNARP).  The first step is to find that there is inscribed a name […]

How to set a Company in Peru? Part 2

How to set a Company in Peru? Parte 2 We have seen in the previous what constitutes a company in Peru, since futures Members choose the name to enrollment in the Public Records. We now review what the requirements are to be met from the company is registered and for it to work. The first […]